Russian Armor Reportedly Repelled at Vuhledar

Russian Armor Reportedly Repelled at Vuhledar


In the pasts twenty four hours, Ukrainian sources began claiming that a large Russian armored column was repelled and decimated by the Ukrainian 72nd Mechanized Brigade outside of Vuhledar.

At approximately 0000 EST on 06FEB23, reports began to emerge from Ukrainian military officers that the battle resulted in the loss of up to thirty support vehicles and Russian main battle tanks as a result of Ukrainian javelins. While this cannot be confirmed, a single video has emerged from the area claiming to show the results. This video has also not been verified, but with the abundance of reporting coming out of Vuhledar about the battle, this was noteworthy.

Another video emerged reportedly showing footage from a Ukrainian quadcopter of Russian infantry taking cover after their infantry fighting vehicles were knocked out, supposedly part of the same column of vehicles outside of Vuhledar.

Since January 2023, the 72nd Mechanized brigade fortified Vuhledar following Pavlivka’s fall against a renewed assault from the 155th Guards Naval Infantry. The Russian advance was initially successful, breaking through frontal lines, however, ultimately failed as casualties mounted due to frontal assaults, lack of ammunition for their organic fire support, the use of their T-80 tanks in an indirect fire role, and lack of staffing to properly organize an offensive.

Derived from livemapukraine

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