Chechen Commander Poisoned by Letter, According to Kadyrov

Chechen Commander Poisoned by Letter, According to Kadyrov


Chechen Leader Ramzan Kadyrov reported on his Telegram channel that Apty Alaudinov, commander of the Akhmat special forces, is in the hospital recovering after being exposed to a letter containing an unknown “poisonous substance.”

According to Kadyrov “On February 8, Alaudinov’s adjutant received an envelope with a message for the general. It turned out that the letter was saturated with a poisonous substance. Apty Aronovich understood this by the caustic specific smell and took measures in time: he cleaned his hands and washed his nasal cavity. So did the adjutants of the general, who were in contact with the envelope.”

“Now General Alaudinov and both adjutants are in a Moscow clinic and are on the mend. Doctors carry out all the necessary procedures. Specialists took a sampling of biological materials for analysis and identification of a poisonous substance,” he added.

Alaudinov was presumably near the Bakhmut frontline in Ukraine at the time of the poisoning, meaning the letter passed through Russian logistics and could not have been mailed to him. As Kadyrov stated, the letter was marked as a “message for the general.” An investigation has been launched, but this raises the question as to whether this was done by Russians or Ukrainian intelligence that had infiltrated behind Russian lines.

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