Ukraine to Divert Forces Towards Moldovan Border Amid Claims Russia Seeks to Destabilize Country

Ukraine to Divert Forces Towards Moldovan Border Amid Claims Russia Seeks to Destabilize Country


Ukrainian Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Oleksiy Danilov, announced that Ukrainian forces will be diverted towards the Moldovan border to respond to any Russian attempts to destabilize the country.

According to Ukrinform, Danilov stated “Today there was a meeting of the Staff of the Commander-in-Chief headed by the President. All the representatives who today are directly on the borders with Belarus, Moldova, in the direction of Bakhmut were present. Today, the President listened to everyone…”

“To date, the Russians have not been able to take advantage, relatively speaking, of the moment, but this does not mean that they will not try to seize power right there, in the Moldovan direction. It is very important for them that we divert part of the troops in that direction, because if a point of instability appears there, of course, we have to react to it,” he added.

This comes amid increasing tensions in regards to Moldova and its pro-Russian breakaway state of Transnistria. Moldovan and Ukrainian officials have accused Russia of planning to destabilize and overthrow the country, while Russia claims Ukraine is staging a false flag as a pretext to invade Transnistria.

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