Russian Linked Businessman Killed in Car Bombing in Melitopol, Ukraine

Russian Linked Businessman Killed in Car Bombing in Melitopol, Ukraine


At approximately 1156 EST, reports began to emerge of an explosion in Russian-occupied Melitopol. Russia-appointed Zaporizhzhia Oblast official Rogov told his Telegram followers that an explosion took place on Heroiv Ukrainy Street and that one was injured.

However, by 1300, local media confirmed that three had been injured. Russia-appointed State Emergency Service official Dmitri Kucherkov was reportedly the target of the attack according to Rogov. However, by 1430, local media reported that Ukrainian businessman, labeled traitor by Melitopol residents, had been mortally wounded and died in the hospital a short time after the bombing. The businessman was Ivan Tkach, a 60-year old official in one of the city’s transportation enterprises. The city administration denounced the bombing as “a result of the terrorist act of the Kyiv regime against civilians, Ivan Ivanovich Tkach died from his wounds.”

The other wounded have not been named, but one is a man and one is a woman.

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