Leaked Vulkan Files Expose Russian Cyber Warfare and Espionage Tactics

A massive leak of emails and documents known as the Vulkan Files has revealed alleged cybercrime, political meddling, censorship of domestic social media, and espionage committed by Russian IT consultancy NTC Vulkan.

The documents, numbering in the thousands, implicate the firm in acts of interference in foreign affairs, including the 2016 United States presidential election.

The documents showed evidence of the firm working with Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), armed forces (GOU and GRU), and Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR).

The leak was originally sent to the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung back in February of 2022 when Russia fully invaded Ukraine. The leak was made by an unidentified whistleblower who opposed the war.

A group led by Paper Trail Media and Der Spiegel analyzed the documents over several months. The group also included The Guardian, Le Monde, and, the Washington Post.

The first details of the investigation were published yesterday.

The Vulkan Files also included maps of US energy infrastructure.

The leaked documents detailed different tools used by Vulkan such as Scan-V.

Scan-V was described as a tool designed to scan the internet for vulnerabilities and store the findings for later analysis and exploitation.

Another named Amezit, is apparently a framework used to manipulate public opinion and enhance psychological operations.

A screenshot of one of the leaked documents.

Last tool I’ll mention is Krystal-2B, a training platform for coordinating attacks on transportation and utility infrastructure.

A screenshot of one of the leaked documents.

Five Western intelligence agencies and several independent cybersecurity experts authenticated the files, confirming the extent of NTC Vulkan’s alleged involvement in cyber warfare and espionage.

A screenshot of one of the leaked documents.


Knowing the type of readers of Atlas News, I attempted to find the leaked documents themselves so that y’all could pick through all the pages.

But after searching for hours, all I came up with were the screen shots above.

So, I had to bite the bullet and publish without the juicy classified documents.

Those who have their hands on the leaked documents are keeping them close to the chest for now.

But don’t worry once they surface, you can be sure you’ll see them here.

The Filthy American
The Filthy American
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