USS George H. W. Bush Extends Deployment

USS George H. W. Bush Extends Deployment


On the heels of the Iranian-backed militia that launched attacks against Coalition forces in late March, CENTCOM spokesman Colonel Joe Buccino stated that the USS George H. W. Bush Carrier Strike Group would extend its deployment and remain in the eastern Mediterranean Sea close to the Syrian coast. Colonel Buccino gave the following statement: “The extension of the George H. W. Bush Carrier Strike Group, inclusive of the USS Leyte Gulf, the USS Delbert D. Black, and the USNS Arctic, allows options to potentially bolster the capabilities of CENTCOM to respond to a range of contingencies in the Middle East,” as first reported by Reuters. Buccino also confirmed the deployment of an A-10 warplane squadron to the region. The extended deployment of the carrier strike group with the A-10 squadron means that the United States will be better prepared for potential attacks in the future.

The attacks on March 23 and 24 initially reported one American contractor fatality, one wounded American contractor, and five wounded American soldiers. On March 30, the Pentagon stated that six troops were diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) during routine screenings following the attacks. Brigadier General Patrick Ryder explained that four soldiers received TBIs at a U.S. base located in Hasaka during the March 23 attack. The other two soldiers received TBIs at Green Village, a mission support site in eastern Syria, which was attacked on March 24.

American involvement in Syria has been met with various attacks from Iran and Iranian-backed forces throughout the years. According to the United States Institute of Peace, a majority of Iranian attacks against U.S. forces in Syria have not resulted in casualties. Since Joe Biden’s time in office, Iran’s proxy groups have attacked American forces around 80 times. As of now, he has only ordered four retaliatory strikes against Iranian-linked targets. President Biden, following the March 23 and 24 attacks, was reported as saying, “Make no mistake, the United States does not, does not – I emphasize – seek conflict with Iran,” but Biden is prepared to “strike forcefully” to protect Americans.

The USS George H. W. Bush headed southbound through the Straits of Messina on March 31. | Posted on Twitter by user @sopelza

As for now, the USS George H. W. Bush Carrier Strike Group will remain deployed and prepared to counter any attacks on American forces currently in Syria. The Carrier Strike Group is the flagship of Carrier Strike Group 10 and, according to the Defense Logistics Agency, the CSG-10 is comprised of George H.W. Bush, Carrier Air Wing 7, Destroyer Squadron 26, the Information Warfare Commander, and the Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Leyte Gulf.

Americans in Syria will likely continue to experience attacks from Iran and Iranian-backed groups; however, with the latest attacks, America will be further prepared and poised to respond to the occurrence of any fatal attacks. In any event, the USS George H. W. Bush shall remain in the eastern Mediterranean and will be prepared for whatever Iran may have in store for the Americans.

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