Russian National Republican Army Claims Responsibility for St. Petersburg Bombing

The Russian National Republican Army has claimed sole responsibility for the St. Petersburg bombing that left Vladlen Tatarsky dead on April 2nd.

The declaration reads below:

“Through our channels in Russia, we have received a statement from representatives of the National Republican Army, who declare their involvement in the liquidation of Vladlen Tatarsky. Here is the text of that statement:

“1. We organized and carried out an action on April 2, 2023 against a group of Z-activists and personally against the well-known warmonger and war propagandist, war criminal Maxim Fomin, known as Vladlen Tatarsky. This action was prepared and carried out by us autonomously, and we have no connection and have not received assistance from any foreign structures, let alone special services.

2. This action was carried out in a club owned by one of the most famous Russian gangsters and criminals, Yevgeny Prigozhin. As a result of the action the club will stop its work. We are satisfied with this.

3. The action we carried out was not directed against civilians, and all the victims are among the active supporters of the war, justifying the war crimes of the Putin regime in Ukraine.

4. The Russian security forces act in their traditional style – they accuse and seize those they can reach, regardless of involvement, as happened with Daria Trepova. Daria Trepova, a well-known figure in the leftist and feminist movement, is a hero. At a time when many “oppositionists” wrote posts on Facebook and shone flashlights, she fought, went to protests and risked her freedom by participating in all opposition movements that now refuse her. We ask Russian human rights activists to help Daria Trepova and other innocent people who fall into the clutches of Putin’s guardsmen. We also call on Russian oppositionists not to speculate on this topic, acting as assistants to the investigation, and to treat her status as a hostage of the system with understanding.

5. We call on the people of Russia to follow our example and provide all kinds of resistance to the criminal Russian regime up to its complete destruction. Criminals will not feel safe on Russian soil!

Russia will be free!”

The National Republican Army  is an alleged underground partisan group of Russians inside Russia working towards the violent overthrow of the Putin government.

United States Military Academy and American Military University Alumni. Victor covers flash military, intelligence, and geo-political updates.


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