Ukrainian Hackers Spend $25,000 of Russian Funds on Sex Toys

The Ukrainian hacking collective, Cyber Resistance announced yesterday that it successfully hacked into the AliExpress account of pro-Russian mil blogger Mikhail Luchin.

The blogger, who runs the “Misha From Donbas” Telegram channel, apparently had a significant amount of funds he had raised to purchase drones for Russian troops.

Now, what exactly did the Ukrainian hackers do to sabotage Russian military efforts?

They bought a lot of sex toys with the funds. Around $25,000 dollars worth of them.

A screenshot of the order.

The purchase was also intentionally made by the hackers to be nonrefundable.

The blogger who got hacked, Mikhail Luchin actually talked about the situation on his Telegram channel.

“I will open a sex shop here, make 300% profit and buy 3 times more drones,” wrote Lunchin in a post that also contained a screenshot of the order.

A photo of Luchin (left) along with another screenshot of the order made by the Ukrainian hackers.


The Ukrainian hacking group that pulled this off, Cyber Collective has been making a name for themselves as of late.

Just last week, the group managed to trick a group of Russian military wives into posing for a photo shoot while wearing the uniforms of their husband.

Being able to see the uniforms allowed Cyber Collective to identify their husbands.

According to reports, the husbands were purportedly responsible for bombing a Mariupol theater-turned-shelter last March, killing hundreds of civilians.

The Filthy American
The Filthy American
Formerly a resident of Iraqi Kurdistan during the Iraq war, now in the American south. European Division Desk Chief for Atlas News.


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