DPR Head Claims 75% of Bakhmut Under Russian Control

DPR Head Claims 75% of Bakhmut Under Russian Control


Denis Pushilin, head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, has told Russian state media that Russian forces control 75 percent of the Bakhmut.

The announcement comes as Russian forces, largely comprised of Wagner Group PMCs, continue to make advances into the remaining Ukrainian held areas in the western section of the city. Last week, Wagner forces captured the administrative building in the city center, with Wagner head Yevgeny Prigozhin claiming “legal” control over Bakhmut.

Heavy urban combat continues as Ukrainian forces attempt to hold back Russian advancements towards the train station. Fighting is also underway in residential areas to the north and south, as Wagner forces attempt to encircle Ukrainian forces that remain.

Despite various claims over the past several weeks, there is still no indication of large-scale Ukrainian withdrawals from the city. Ukraine has attempted to bolster frontline positions with fresh troop deployments.

Casualties, while exactly unknown, are still believed to be significant on both sides.

Bakhmut is a key regional transport and logistics hub and if captured, would be a staging area for Russian attempts to advance on the cities of Kramatorsk and Sloviansk. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the fall of Bakhmut will provide an “open road” west for Russian forces. The city is also symbolically important for both Ukraine and Russia. For Ukraine, the city serves as a symbol of resistance that has been degrading Russian forces for months. For Russia, the capture of the city would be boasted as one of their greatest victories of the invasion and used to demoralize Ukraine, serving as an important tool for propaganda. 

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