Former Wagner Mercenary Arrested for Murder in South Ossetia

Former Wagner Mercenary Arrested for Murder in South Ossetia


In South Ossetia, a former mercenary of the Wagner private military company, Georgy Siukaev, has been arrested for the murder of a man named Soslan Valiev.

Valiev was attacked with a knife and died in the hospital from his wounds on the evening of April 17th.

Georgy Siukaev, who recently returned from the war in Ukraine, was arrested in connection to the murder on April 18th.

He was reportedly recruited into the Wagner PMC while in prison for murdering a man in 2014 in the Donbas.

Some sources claim that he went to Ukraine as a volunteer.

This is an interesting case as it is widely known that Wagner PMC has turned to Russia’s prisons to recruit men to fill out their ranks.

The offer given to Russian prisoners is to serve for a short period of time in Ukraine where the fighting is most intense.

If the convicts survive their contract, they are then released from Wagner and their prison sentence is erased.

The Filthy American
The Filthy American
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