Drone Shot Down Near Ukrainian Presidential Palace

Drone Shot Down Near Ukrainian Presidential Palace


Update (1502 EST): The aforementioned drone is beginning to look like a Ukrainian TB-2, not a Russian Forpost or Korsar.

At approximately 1350 EST, reports began to emerge of air defenses engaged over Kyiv. By 1355 video emerged of air defense artillery engaging an ISR drone over the Point of Invincibility, near both the Presidential Palace and Parliament.


While Kyiv has been subjected to more than a year of strikes since the February 24th, 2022 invasion by the Russian Federation, missile strikes have generally avoided the government quarter of the city. However, after yesterdays drone strike on the Kremlin in Moscow and last nights country wide strikes in retaliation, Putin seems to be increasing the temperature by overflying this sensitive area.

The drone appears to have a similar profile to the Forpost or the Korsar, both Russian ISR drones. However, these have relatively short ranges and usually require line of sight from the operator. This drone does not appear to be one of the Iranian-made Shahed models which have been striking Ukraine since the Fall of 2022.


This is developing.


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