Chechen Leader Kadyrov Says His Forces Will Replace Wagner in Bakhmut After Withdrawal

Chechen Leader Kadyrov Says His Forces Will Replace Wagner in Bakhmut After Withdrawal


Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has announced that his forces will replace Wagner fighters in Bakhmut just hours after Wagner head Yevgeny Prigozhin said he plans to withdraw from the city on May 10 due to severe ammunition shortages that he blamed on Russian military leadership.

In a statement, Kadyrov said:

“I am addressing Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces and creator of the Wagner PMC.

It is unpleasant for me, as for everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of our country, to hear the latest statements of Yevgeny Viktorovich, and it is doubly unpleasant that the leadership of the Russian Ministry of Defense does not comment or does not meet with the leadership of the Wagner PMC to make any decision or clarification. After all, Prigozhin deserves respect for the invaluable contribution of the Wagnerites to the liberation of the cities of Donbass. If there is a shortage, then it is necessary to explain, show, on the basis of which the commanders will at least correct the further tactics of the Wagner units, not relying on artillery.

I recall the experience of the Chechen units in Mariupol. When it took five tanks from the Ministry of Defense to support the infantry, we were able to provide only one, the combat crew of which left the vehicle in the very first battle. Then the tankers had to be calmed down, set up for battle and put back into the combat vehicle so that they would cover at least one position of the Azov Satanists with volleys. There were also problems with other equipment. Since the beginning of the SVO, we could not replace 30 artillery guns. I personally called Moscow, talked to the commanders, commanders, superiors. A month later the problem was solved. Yes, it didn’t work on the first call. But our units did not record videos, they did not give a pleasant informational occasion to the enemy

By the way, filming the bodies of dead comrades for the sake of public outcry … is wrong. Let’s never do that…

In the zone of responsibility, for example, Apta Alaudinov, my dear brother, the commander of the Akhmat special forces, the deputy commander of the 2nd Army Corps of the RF Armed Forces, more than a hundred kilometers of the line of contact with the enemy. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t have problems. But not once did Apty Aronovich declare this publicly via the Internet, but only through internal communication with the leadership. I note that the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff, with rare exceptions, have always met the Chechen units and helped. And misunderstandings are always present in ordinary civilian life, not to mention the war, where there is ALWAYS not enough ammunition! I really hope that Sergei Kuzhugetovich will listen to my call and an order will be given to the General Staff to go to the place and sort things out. This is the only and soldierly correct way out of the situation.

Chechen units fought side by side with the Wagnerites in the most difficult areas in Popasnaya, Severodonetsk, Lisichansk and other settlements of Donbass. Together they performed a sacred duty to the Motherland without division into nationalities or faith. The interests of the state and the security of the country must come first. And when the SVO ends, I would like all of us to be winners, every fighter, every commander, every Russian patriot. Together.

Yes, if older brother Prigozhin and “Wagner” leave, then the General Staff will lose an experienced combat unit, and his younger brother Kadyrov and “Akhmat” will come to his place in Artyomovsk. If the scenario is still like this, then our fighters are ready to advance and occupy the city. It’s a matter of hours. But I would like us to take the remaining two kilometers of the city not at the cost of the lives of soldiers, but as a result of mutual understanding, support, determination of the command and fighters to fulfill the order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Russia Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.”

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