Russian Airstrikes Destroy Ukrainian Su-24 at Key Airfield

Russian Airstrikes Destroy Ukrainian Su-24 at Key Airfield


On the night of 28 May 23, Russian drone and missile strikes hit several Ukrainian airfields. However, evidence has only emerged in the last twenty four hours that those strikes hit their targets.

At 2119 EST on 28 May 23, local media reported Shahed-136 activity over Khmelnytski Oblast near a Ukrainian airfield. By 2300, Khmelnytski Ukraine Regional Military Administration personnel confirmed that five Ukrainian aircraft were damaged on the deck.

By 0746 EST on 29 May 23, Russian state-owned media made this statement:

“The goal of the strike has been achieved. All designated objects have been destroyed,” the ministry said.

The Russian military managed to hit command posts, radar posts, aviation equipment, storage facilities with weapons and ammunition of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
The ministry clarified that for the group strike they used high-precision long-range air-launched weapons.”
The Russian Ministry of Defense published these photos today showing the before and after of five Ukrainian Su-24/FENCER D fighter-bombers from the Ukrainian 7th Tactical Aviation Brigade. They claim these are the aircraft that were targeted.
It is important to note that the United Kingdom supplied Storm Shadow air-launched cruise missiles to Ukraine which the Russian Federation reported the Su-24/FENCER D is capable of carrying. At least two of the aircraft appear to be beyond repair. Before the war, the 7th reportedly had (23) Su-24/FENCER D aircraft.


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