UK Government Supports Supposed Ukrainian Strikes in Russia, U.S. Does Not

UK Government Supports Supposed Ukrainian Strikes in Russia, U.S. Does Not


After last nights drone attack which impacted several suburbs of Moscow city and villages throughout Moscow Oblast, international supporters of Ukraine are sounding off.

UK Home Secretary Cleverly told press that Ukraine has “legitimate right” to “project power outside its borders”.

This is a sharp departure from most Western nations who provided Ukraine the means to repel an invasion from the Russian Federation. While it is clear that last nights attack, which Kyiv has not claimed, did not explicitly target civilian infrastructure, Russian EW and ground based air defenses seemed to have brought the drones down on top of residential complexes.

However according to unconfirmed sources at the White House, the Biden Administration continues to hold the line that the U.S. only supports Ukraines claim to take back its sovereign territory.

According to pro-Russian TG page Bazabazon, below are all the confirmed wreckages of the UAVs from the attack:

“After the morning attack, fragments of six objects were found in different parts of the Moscow region. Among them are two UAVs and two projectiles. Here is the geography of their falls.

The village of Ilinskoe (Krasnogorsk city). Fragments of an aircraft-type UAV were found in a field and near house No. 23 on Elyseyskaya Street.

Novinki village (Istra). Metal fragments of unknown origin were found near house No. 14 on Ozernaya Street in the Pavlovo-2 cottage settlement.

The village of Zhukovka (Odintsovsky district). Fragments of shells were found in two places at once: near house No. 102 and at site No. 13 in the Nov and Ilyinskoye dacha cooperatives, respectively. In addition, fragments of a quadrocopter were found near house No. 4 in Ilyinsky.

The village of Romashkovo (Odintsovo city). A quadrangular metal object fell on the porch of the private school “Leader” on Nikolskaya Street, several more small fragments hit the roof. The building itself was not damaged.”

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