Chechen Republic Leader Missing in Ukraine, Confusion Reigns in Russian Government

Update (2200 EST): At approximately 1002 EST, Chechen Republic leader Kadyrov confirmed that he had spoken to Delimkhanov and that he was “alive and well”. This came only two hours after Russian Presidential Spokesperson Peskov announced that he was deeply concerned over reports that Delimkhanov was missing. By 1430 EST, through several social media posts, the missing Chechen leader told his followers that he was alive.

At approximately 0320 EST, Ukrainian military bloggers began claiming that Russian Chechen Republic representative Adam Delimkhanov was killed in a Ukrainian strike in Primorsk, Zaporizhzia Oblast, Ukraine. The Ukrainian sources claimed that a UK-supplied Storm Shadow missiles were used to target a large military center of Chechen Akhmat Battalion soldiers. According to the source, the SSO “Banderlogs” Intelligence unit worked with the Horizontal Group, Phobos Unit, and the Zaporizhzia OUV to target the facility in an intricate targeting operation.

The facility as claimed by zonov_sl

By 0450 EST, the Russian State Duma Press Office said that Delimkhanov was injured. By 0530 Russian State Duma member Chair Volodin also claimed that Delimkhanov was “alive and well” and had spoken to him in the phone. This claim was bolstered by Akhmat Battalion Commander Alaudinov who claimed Delimkhanov was “more alive than all living” at approximately 0550 EST.

However, Chechen Republic Head Kadyrov took to his social media and said he could not contact Delimkhanov, who is Kadyrov’s close ally. Alaudinov announced on his social media that all his fighters from the Akhmat Battalion were being removed from Marinka, Donetsk Oblast to aid in the search. The Russian Ground Forces have had several failed offensives in the last 24 hours in Marinka. In this post he also claimed that the Ukrainian strike was carried out by HIMARS.

Chechen and Russian service members took to their social media accounts in outrage to blast Wagner Group over the injuring and possible killing of Delimkhanov. They claimed that Prighozin personally leaked Delimkhanov’s position to the Ukrainians. Another Russian military blogger suggested that Wagner Group should unequivocally announce their lack of involvement in the strike, since suspicions and rumors are running amok in Russian military circles. As of this publication Prighozin has not commented on the strike and it is not currently clear if Delimkhanov is alive or dead. Wikipedia writers have already listed him as killed today.

Adam Sultanovich Delimkhanov is a Russian politician who has been member of the Russian State Duma since 2007.  He is a member of the United Russia. He is  a head of the Chechen branch of Rosgvardia.

According to Kadyrov, Delimkhanov participated in the Siege of Mariupol during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine as commander of the Chechen forces in the engagement. On the 26th of April 2022, it was announced by Kadyrov that Delimkhanov has received the Hero of the Russian Federation honorary award by decree of the President, Vladimir Putin.  He was awarded the title the same day. 

On 28 September, Delimkhanov was also awarded the title Hero of the Luhansk People’s Republic.

On 1 June, Delimkhanov criticised Yevgeny Prigozhin saying: “If you don’t understand, then you can contact us and tell us the place and the time, I we will explain to you what you don’t understand. You have become a blogger who screams and shouts off to the whole world about all the problems, Stop shouting, yelling and screaming.” (Wiki)

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