Missing Twelve-Year-Old Mariupol Girl Found Dead Near Russian Outpost, Respublika, Ukraine

According to local Ukrainian media in Mariupol, Irina Gubareva, a local twelve- year old girl was found in the village of Respublika near Mariupol. She was reported missing by her mother on June 30th, 2023.

According to Astrapress, she was initially reported missing after las being seen walking on a country road and may have been hit by a Russian military truck. The driver was reported to have panicked and taken her body, which he later dumped in Respublika, a village where a Russian military outputs is located. Below is the initial notice poster:

Also below is the full account for Astra:

“A missing 12-year-old girl was found dead in occupied Mariupol. Pro-Russian blogger claims she was hit by a Russian military vehicle.

12-year-old Irina Gubareva from Mangush disappeared on June 30th. The orientation, which was published by local publics, says that military personnel are suspected of her disappearance. A military truck was also wanted.

All this time, local publics, cooperating with the occupation authorities, published various versions, including that the military could have raped the seventh grader.

TG-channel “Mariupol now” published a recording of a call to the pro-Russian administrator of “Safe Mangush” Vladimir Gershikov, who was dialed, introducing himself as an assistant to the propagandist Kotenok. “This girl was walking down the street and disappeared near the bridge at 3 pm. The phone is on, the location has been broken. <…> Well, you see, there: “Girl, can I have you for a minute?”. They threw me in the car and left, and that’s all, ”he said.

Today, one of the pro-Russian bloggers in Mariupol said that Irina was found dead. Presumably, near the village of Respublika, where the Russian military is stationed. According to him, the girl was allegedly knocked down by a military man, and, frightened, hid the body in a car and took it to the field, where she was found. He urged “not to embellish” history.

ASTRA got through to the girl’s mother. She confirmed that Ira was dead, but categorically refused to give any details. The local duty unit also declined to comment on the incident.”

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