Manta, Ecuador Mayor Intriago Killed in Militant Attack

At approximately 1528 EST, initial reports began to emerge of an armed attack against Mayor Intriago of Manta, Ecuador in his constituency. By 1543 EST, Mayor Intraigo had been transported from the 15 de Septiembre neighborhood to a local hospital in Guayaquil. One other person was confirmed killed and four other people had been confirmed injured in the shootout.

By 1608 EST, local media and government sources began to report that Mayor Intraigo had succumbed to his injuries. Ecuadorian President Lasso ordered a “necessary contingent” of the military to mobilize in response to this killing. By 1636 EST, at least one person had been detained in connection to the killing, but no further announcements have been made as of 1649 EST.

Police said the 38-year-old Intriago, who was re-elected as mayor of Manta in February, had been inspecting public works in the city at the time of the attack. The other fatality was a civilian woman and at least two of the four injured are suspects in the attack. Police also told press that a nearby vehicle had a grenade inside which most likely belonged to one of the assassins. Manta is a large coastal city rife with local gang crime, police purport that this episode was in connection to one of those gangs.


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