Nigerien Interim Government Prepares for Military Intervention

The Nigerien National Council for Safeguard of the Homeland appointed Lamine Zeine as the new Prime Minister of Niger last night. Since then, it has bolstered security in Niamey with a large convoy of more than 40 military vehicles, brought in on the night of August 6th.

ECOWAS responded to these developments by stating military intervention is not the primary option at this point since a dialogue is still open. However, an ECOWAS delegation was denied entrance to Niger today on a flight to Niamey International Airport due to “security concerns”, possibly signaling a breakdown in dialogue. ECOWAS maintains that it has a force of 25,000 personnel to intervene in Niger.

The Nigerien Ministry of Foreign Affairs called for a postponement of negotiations until the security situation is brought under control. However, the French Foreign Ministry alluded to Niger attempting to buy time to consolidate military fortifications in the capital as the Malian government facilitated an agreement with Wagner to flow Russian mercenaries into Niamey as well.

U.S. Under Secretary of State Nunland stated that he had a very frank and unpleasant conversation with Nigerien General Barmou, but was not able to reach an agreement on restoring President Bazoum.

The next twenty four hours will be critical to the security situation in Niger if an agreement cannot be reached or if negotiations do not continue.

United States Military Academy and American Military University Alumni. Victor covers flash military, intelligence, and geo-political updates.


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