Vehicles and Shops Burned during Violent Morning in Mexico

Vehicles and Shops Burned during Violent Morning in Mexico


Early this morning in Michoacán, Mexico, reports and videos surfaced of road blockages, burning of shops, and gunfire throughout the state.

In the municipality of Buenavista Tomatlán armed civilians reportedly blocked the roads with burned vehicles. This also occurred in the Apatzingán municipality where two Oxxo convenience stores were also set alight. On the highway between these municipalities, a truck was reportedly seized and burned. 



Currently, there are no reports of injuries and victims from these violent acts. The Secretary of Public Security of the State of Michoacán has announced it has deployed an operation in cooperation with the National Guard to the areas affected by the violence.

Milenio has reported that the violence could be the result of the criminal group Los Viagras as an attempt to prevent the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) from taking more territory in the state. However, there is no confirmed or further information on this.

It is worth noting that there were violent clashes yesterday between state forces and alleged criminal group members which resulted in the deaths of two criminals. 

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