Mexican Cartel Attacks Civilians With Drone in Guerrero

Mexican Cartel Attacks Civilians With Drone in Guerrero


At least one civilian has died as a result of explosives dropped from drone attacks from the criminal group La Familia Michoacan in the Mexican town Nuevo Caracol in the state of Guerrero. La Familia Michoacan has reportedly been using this fear and displacement tactic throughout the state of Guerrero, in 10 municipalities according to Jose Filiberto Velazquez Florencio who is director of the Minerva Bello Human Rights Center. He also announced on Facebook since the first attack in May 2023 almost half the residents from Nuevo Caracol have been displaced to a town called Tlatopec. However, without support, they were forced to return to the still unsafe area. 

Drones are a growingly popular weapon for criminals in Mexico against other criminal groups, the state, and civilians to force displacement. The drones are cheaply available due to the rise of commercial drones and can be easily equipped with explosives, or used for surveillance. 

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