Ten Danish Leopard I Tanks Delivered to Ukraine

According to the Danish Armed Forces, it has completed the delivery of ten Leopard I Main Battle Tanks to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The announcement reads below:

“10 Leopard 1 tanks are already in Ukraine and more are on the way. They can thus become part of the offensive that the Ukrainians are continuing. The work, which has been going on since the spring, continues unabated. The training takes place in Germany, where Danish tank instructors collaborate with the German defense to train crews and donate tanks to Ukraine…

The Danish instructors are responsible for the first part of the Ukrainians’ training, after which their German colleagues take over. But the whole process takes place in close cooperation with interpreters from several countries and representatives from the German tank industry.

And although the training course is compressed compared to how you normally train a tank crew at the Armored Battalion at the Jutland Dragoon Regiment in Holstebro, there is no compromise on quality.”

This announcement comes only a few days after the first confirmation of at least one Challenger II MBTs from the UK being destroyed in Ukraine. This morning, the Russian Armed Forces claimed a second Challenger II was destroyed near Robotyne in the last twenty-four hours, but this has not been independently confirmed.

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