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Ukrainian Special Forces Seize Vyshky Boika Oil Rigs,

Ukrainian Special Forces Seize Vyshky Boika Oil Rigs,


At approximately 0525 EST, Ukrainian government sources announced that a combined drone and missile attack, followed by a small boat operation seized at least one oil and gas rig belonging to Chornomornaftoga, which were seized by the Russian Federation in 2015. Ukraine had struck these rigs before in 2022, prompting the deployment of tactical air defenses on the rigs themselves. However, this operation seems to be the most significant action against the rigs since their seizure. They are referred to as the “Boika Towers”

The Ukrainian Defense Intelligence Directorate claimed that platforms Petro Godovaltes, Ukraine, Tavrida, Syvash we’re returned to Ukrainian control. The announcement reads below:

“A unique operation to establish control over the Boyka towers was carried out by the units of the GUR of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, in particular, the Petro Godovanets and Ukraina drilling platforms, as well as the Tavrida SPBU and the Syvash SPBU, were returned under control.”

They also claimed that the small boats engaged a Russian Su-30, damaged it, and forced its retreat. Along with the rigs, the Ukrainians also claimed to seize a Neva radar suite and unopened helicopter rockets.

Chornomornaftogaz was a subsidiary of Ukrainian state-owned energy production until 2014 when Crimea was occupied by the Russian Federation. It was nationalized by the Republic of Crimea. In 2017 it operated four stand up jacks and a number of other rigs.

It is not currently clear if Ukrainian troops will retain the rigs due to the naval dominance of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. However, with Ukraine’s recent success with anti-ship drones, the Russian Federation may not risk a counterattack so close to Ukraine’s shores.


Tessaron United States Naval Academy and American Military University Alumni. Covering flash military, intelligence, and geo-political updates.
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