Multiple Russian Navy Vessels Damaged in Complex Insider-Enabled Missile Attack, Sevastopol

Multiple Russian Navy Vessels Damaged in Complex Insider-Enabled Missile Attack, Sevastopol


As this publication reported last night, a Ukrainian missile attack struck key port facilities at Sevastopol shipyard in Russian-occupied Crimea.

Since that report, both the Ukrainian government and the Russian Ministry of Defense have confirmed that Ukrainian pilots used UK-supplied, air-launched Storm Shadow Missiles off of Ukrainian tactical air platforms, most likely Su-24s. These missiles were reportedly guided by infiltrators that left at least three cell phones throughout the facility to triangulate coordinates. The targets have been confirmed as Russian Kilo-class submarine Rostov-on-Don and Rapucha-class landing vessel Minsk which were both at the facility under repair.

This is the first time that a Russian Navy submarine has been confirmed damaged by Ukrainian missile strikes in the current conflict.

The Russian Ministry of Defense claimed it shot down 7/10 Storm Shadow missiles fired from Ukrainian Su-24s based out of Khmelnytskyi. According to Russian sources, two people were killed in the strike, while the Ukrainians claim 11 killed and 31 injured. The Russian Ministry of Defense also claims only light damage and the vessels will be returned to full duty, despite multiple sources showing an intense conflagration.

More details are emerging and this story will be updated.

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