Venezuelan Government Re-Captures Tocoron Prison

Venezuelan Government Re-Captures Tocoron Prison


Update (1437 EST): The transfer of inmates, confiscated weapons, and ammunition has begun.


As this publication reported earlier today, the Venezuelan government launched a massive military operation to take back control of the criminal syndicate-run Torocon Prison. According to the Venezuelan Interior Ministry, that military operation has succeed and the government now controls the prison. The announcement reads below:

At least one Venezuelan National Guard soldier was killed ruing the assault on the prison. During the assault, police and military forces used fragmentation grenades to clear rooms. As of this publication the number of inmate casualties ins unclear.

The Venezuelan government is now beginning its second phase of the operation dubbed “Cacique Guaicaipuro” which will focus the “search, pursuit, and capture” of gang members that either escaped the prison or are still hiding in the complex.

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