First Refugees from Artsakh Arrive in Armenia

First Refugees from Artsakh Arrive in Armenia


First Arrivals

Over 1000 refugees from Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) have now arrived in Armenia via the Lachin corridor, arriving in the Armenian province of Syunik, mostly to the city of Goris. As of 10PM local time, 1,050 people had been transferred through the corridor, and more transfers are planned.

Of those so far transferred the vast majority have been women, children, and the elderly.

Artsakh authorities have managed to set aside 30 buses in order to assist in the transfer of people to Armenia, and have said that people who wish to leave will have the opportunity to do so “over the next few months”. A limited amount of civilian vehicles have been allowed through.

These transfers are taking place under the escort of the Russian peacekeeping force stationed in Artsakh.

In the morning 23 “seriously injured” people who were injured in the recent Azeri attacks on the 19th and 20th were transferred to Armenian hospitals under the mediation of the Red Cross. They were transported in ambulances provided by Armenia’s healthcare ministry.

The Armenian government has been assisting in the transfer of civilians. Of the 1,050 transferred thus far, at least 360 are going to be provided with accommodations by the government. The remainder will be staying with friends and family within Armenia, and will not be requiring assistance from the government in this manner.

Officially, the government has stated its wish is for civilians to be able to remain in Artsakh. However, they stated that should this become “impossible”, that they will assist civilians to make their way to Armenia.

Many expect that the majority of Artsakh’s 120,000 Armenians to attempt to leave. Already, after one day of transfers, almost 1% of Artsakh’s population has left.

Aid Delivered

Yesterday over 215 tons of humanitarian aid was delivered to Artsakh. The aid consisted of items such as flour, salt, yeast, and oil. 150 tons of it was brought by the Russian peacekeeping mission, and the remaining 65 tons was brought by the Red Cross.

Notably, this aid came through the Lachin corridor (so from Armenia) which has been largely closed by Azerbaijan since December, and not through Azeri roadways. Azerbaijan has promised humanitarian aid to Artsakh, but has yet to delivery any.

Sébastien Gray
Sébastien Gray
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