Kosovo Police Officer Killed, 30 Armed Suspects Barricaded in Monastery, Bajske

Update (0934 EST): At least two of the armed men have been killed so far in the gunfight with authorities.

Update (0755 EST): The border crossing at Jarinje has been closed.

Update (0733 EST): The following images show the armed suspects at the monastery:

At approximately 0100 EST initial reports indicated that a Kosovo police officer was killed and one was injured after a large group of armed suspects open fired at police in Bajske, Kosovo. The incident reportedly began after vehicles with no license plates blocked the entrance to the village. When officers arrived to clear the vehicles, the shooting started. The initial announcement from Prime Minister Kurti reads below:

Kosovo President Osmani immediately concluded her trip to New York once the announcement was made. By 0230 EST, the Kosovo Security Council convened to discuss the situation and reports of Serbian military movement near Kursumlija. The U.S. Ambassador to Kosovo made this statement:

However, the situation has escalated since 0600 EST, when initial reports indicated that the suspects did not flee Bajske, but instead stormed the village monastery, locking themselves and the monks inside with them. Eyewitnesses report hearing gunshots from inside the Monastery, sowing fears of the execution of the religious officials.

As of this publication, the Kosovo government has confirmed the men are still shooting inside and have locked down the building. This is developing.

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