PKK Claims Responsibility for Ankara Attack

According to ANF News, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has claimed responsibility for the attack in Ankara that left two Turkish security personnel injured, and one civilian carjacking victim dead. This publication already covered the incident. However, Turkish media also uncovered that the two gunmen killed a veterinarian and stole his car before carrying out the attack. The victim, Mikail Bozla?an’?, was executed and left for dead on the outskirts of Ankara.

Crime scene of Mikail Bozla?an’?‘a murder in the Develi district.

The statement from the PKK’s People’s Defense Central Headquarters Command made this statement:

“Today, at around 09.30, a self-sacrificing action was carried out by a team affiliated with our Immortals Battalion against the premises of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Turkey. It was specifically envisaged that this action would be carried out on the opening day of the Parliament, very close to the Parliament, against a massacre and torture centre, and it took place exactly as planned, without any obstacles. This self-sacrificing action, which was completely successful when our activist comrades liquidated the order and entered the prison, achieved its purpose. However, as usual, the AKP-MHP fascist regime chose to blatantly deny the losses suffered in this action, with great disrespect towards the people and the public. Everyone should know that, if the members of the Immortal Battalion wanted, they could have made a small change in the time of action, which could have led to very different results. However, such a choice was not made consciously, and the main purpose was; The aim of delivering the necessary message to the relevant areas and seriously warning them was adhered to.

The action that took place was based on the inhumane practices and isolation policies developed in all dungeons in Turkey and Kurdistan, which violated human rights by disregarding national and international laws, the use of chemical weapons prohibited by the universal laws of war against our guerrilla forces, the plunder and destruction of the nature of Kurdistan. It is an act of self-defense aimed at warning against the massacre and the fascist pressures on the people of Kurdistan and all democratic circles. If the genocidal fascist AKP-MHP regime continues to commit these crimes, the legitimate actions of revolutionary justice will continue.

This meaningful act of heroism, which took place especially on the opening day of the Parliament, was attributed to the memory of our Amed State Commander Axîn Mû? (Hülya Demirer), who was once the commander of the Immortals Battalion, and the comrades who were martyred with him. This great and historical action was carried out by our comrades Rojhat Zilan and Erdal ?ahin. We remember with respect and gratitude the immortal Apo defenders who carried out this action, we congratulate these heroic activists and all the comrades who contributed to this action, and we wish them continued success. We declare that we will later share the detailed identity information of the brave and self-sacrificing militants of the Immortals Battalion who carried out this heroic act with the public, and we offer our respects.”

This claim is sure to complicate Swedish-Turkish relations.

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