GRAPHIC: Footage Shows Aftermath of Drone Attack on Syrian Military Graduation, 60+ killed

GRAPHIC: Footage Shows Aftermath of Drone Attack on Syrian Military Graduation, 60+ killed


Footage has emerged showing the time of impact and immediate aftermath of an explosive drone attack against an officer graduation ceremony at the Homs Military College in Syria. Initial death toll sits at 60 according to SOHR, with over 120 other wounded. Local sources have also reported that several generals and senior officers were either killed or seriously wounded in the attack, however, this remains unconfirmed.

While hard to see, the drone(s) appear to have targeted the podium/ VIP stand of the ceremony at the exact moment the cadets threw their hats up in celebration. While a blast cannot be seen or heard well, the video shows the eruption of panic amongst those in attendance.

Additional footage shows the immediate aftermath of the strike, which shows dozens of killed and wounded on the parade deck and grandstand, including civilians and children.

So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the strike. Syrian state media have blamed “terrorists,” but did not specify a particular group.

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