Gaza Power Plant Shuts Down Due to Fuel Shortage

The Gaza Energy Authority has just told press that the sole power plant providing electricity to Gaza has run out of fuel and is shutting down.

Almost all of Gaza’s liquid fuel and about half of its electricity was supplied by Israel until Sunday when the supply was cut due to the ongoing war.

As of 2017, Gaza’s daily energy needs were approximately 400–600 megawatts. The following sources provided Gaza power:

  • Gaza’s sole power plant: 60–140 MW which is reliant on diesel fuel imported via Israel.
  • 125 MW supplied by Israel Electric Corporation(IEC) via 10 power lines.
  • 27 MW supplied by Egypt.

Even during normal Israeli supply, these sources do not meet Gaza’s demands which causes many civilians to rely on personal generators. The cut of Israeli fuel means Gaza will have nominal power from Egypt which will not be able to even cover essential services.

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Ethan Alun
Ethan Alun
A United States Naval Academy and American Military University Alumni, Ethan covers flash military, intelligence, and geo-political updates.