Chinese and Filipino Ships Collide in South China Sea

The Filipino government announced last night that at least two separate collisions occurred between their military vessels and Chinese Coast Guard and Maritime Militia vessels. The announcement reads below:

The Chinese Coast Guard confirmed the incident in a separate announcement:

”On October 22, a Philippine ship trespassed into the waters adjacent to Ren’ai Reef in China’s Nansha Islands. The Chinese coast guard ship intercepted the trespassing Philippine ship in accordance with the law even though multiple warnings were ineffective. At 6:14, the Philippine yacht “Yunaza May” No. 2, despite my prior reminder and notification, ignored my multiple clear warnings and deliberately passed through my normal law enforcement navigation in an unprofessional and dangerous manner. The bow of the 5203 ship caused a slight collision. At 8:13, the Philippine Coast Guard vessel 4409 deliberately provoked trouble and reversed on its own initiative. The rear of the vessel collided with the starboard side of my parked and drifting Qiongsansha Fishing vessel 00003. The malicious collision caused an incident and heated up the situation at the scene. The Philippines’ actions seriously violated the international rules for avoiding collisions at sea and threatened the navigation safety of our ships. Our operations were professional, standardized, legitimate and legal, and the responsibility lies entirely with the Philippines.”

The United States and Canada both issued statements siding with the Philippines and squarely blaming China.

The resupply missions to BRP Sierra Madre are ongoing as the Phillipines maintains a forward operating base at the Second Thomas Shoal. 1999, the Philippine government deliberately had her run aground on Second Thomas Shoal in the Spratly Islands to serve as an outpost of the Philippine Marine Corps to assert Philippine sovereignty in the country’s dispute with China over the ownership of the Spratly Islands. She still serves that function as of 2023.

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