24 American Personnel Wounded in Iran-Backed Militia Drone Attacks Last Week, CENTCOM Tells NBC

24 American Personnel Wounded in Iran-Backed Militia Drone Attacks Last Week, CENTCOM Tells NBC


The United States Central Command (CENTCOM) has told NBC that 24 American personnel were wounded during Iran-backed militia drone strikes in Iraq and Syria last Wednesday, marking the first confirmation of casualties directly caused by the attacks.

CENTCOM stated that on October 18, 20 American personnel sustained “minor injuries” during an attack at al-Tanf garrison in Syria, which consisted of two explosive drones. Only one of the drones were intercepted, but no damage was reported.

That same day, an additional four Americans sustained “minor injuries” during two drone attacks at al-Asad Airbase in Iraq. While the drones were intercepted, falling debris destroyed an aircraft hanger.

All of the wounded personnel were said to have returned to duty since the attacks.

The Pentagon had previously reported that an American contractor died that day from a cardiac episode during a shelter in place order, however, CENTCOM now says this was not during one of the attacks.

The statement did not speak on any other potential casualties from other attacks over the past week.

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