Iran-Backed Houthis Claims Responsibility for Launching Missiles and Drones Towards Israel

Iran-Backed Houthis Claims Responsibility for Launching Missiles and Drones Towards Israel


The Iran-backed Houthi rebel movement has claimed responsibility for launching missiles and drones towards Israel from Yemen today, which it says was “in support of our oppressed brothers in Palestine.”

In a statement by spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Saree, the Houthis announced that “In the face of what the Gaza Strip is being subjected to from the brutal American-Israeli aggression, we must carry out our duty by trusting in God and in victory over the oppression of the dear Palestinian people.”

“He confirmed that the armed forces launched a large batch of ballistic and winged missiles and a large number of drones at various enemy targets in the occupied territories, stressing that this operation is the third operation in support of our oppressed brothers in Palestine,” the statement added.

Saree also stated that Houthi forces “will continue to carry out more qualitative strikes with missiles and drones until the Israeli aggression stops.”

Earlier today, the IDF announced that it had intercepted a surface-to-surface missile in the area of the Red Sea, marking the first ever operational deployment of Arrow Aerial Defense System during the war with Hamas.

The IDF added that “An additional aerial threat was successfully intercepted by IAF fighter jets in the area this morning. No infiltrations into Israeli territory were identified.”

As stated by the Houthis, this marks the third instance of Houthi forces launching projectiles towards Israel.

On October 19, the United States Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Carney (DDG-64) intercepted four cruise missiles and over a dozen explosive drones launched by the Houthis towards Israel. Saudi Arabia later announced that it had also intercepted at least one missile during the barrage.

On October 24, another barrage was launched towards Israel. None of the projectiles reached their intended target, as they were either intercepted by Israeli warplanes or fell short into Egypt. At least six people were wounded when a projectile fell on Taba, Egypt, which sits on the border with the southern most tip of Israel.

To date, no Houthi missiles or explosive drones have reached Israel or have resulted in fatalities. Increased attack attempts by the Houthis showcases widening involvement by Iranian proxies in the “Axis of Resistance,” which also includes Hezbollah in Lebanon and Shia militias that have been attacking American forces in Iraq and Syria. Iran has vowed retaliation and greater intervention if Israel continues its campaign in Gaza, which will likely translate to more attacks by Iran-backed forces across the region against Israel.

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