Rapid Support Forces Reportedly Carry Out Mass Shooting Action Against Civilians, al-Junaynah, Sudan

At approximately 0900 EST, initial reports indicated that a large shooting action was taking place against civilians by RSF personnel in al-Junaynah, Darfur, Sudan. The following video claims that jihadi militants captured and killed this group of civilians and more in that village. However, RSF-affiliated members on social media originally posted these videos and other members of their unit.

By 1000 EST, the West Darfur State Revolutionaries Bloc claimed that RSF forces had killed more than 2,000 civilians and injured at least 3,000 after seizing control of the area. Their announcement reads below:

”For the fourth day, the Rapid Support Militias and the Arab Militias supporting them and its allied with them, the Ardamata Administrative Unit of the Al-Jinnah Local Government and practice the most horrible atrocities and physical cleansing systematic for the leaders of the civil administration of the Masalit tribe and symbols of women, children, the elderly, and youth in styles similar to the Rwanda War, where massacres and gross violations continue openly In front of the eyes of the cameras, the soldiers of the cross-border Rapid Support Militias are breaking into houses and committing killing, looting, and beating with brutal torture with the theory of erasing the traces of human existence to get rid of citizens of African assets, especially taxes, and so far almost 2000 innocent citizens have been killed according to preliminary statistics We have received from the scene of incidents and at least 3000 injured and the evacuation of thousands of innocent citizens and targeting them on the road while they exit the hell of genocide and ethnic cleansing organized by the rapid support, in addition, a large number of citizens have been captured and taken to an unknown place, and whoever recognizes them directly is filtered. By terrorist militia personnel via a list of names prepared before.

Against these gross violations and practices of the right of civilians to quarantine, the West Darfur Revolutionary Bloc confirms the following:

1/ The fast support militias and the Arab militias supporting them and allied with them practice horrific and systematic violations against civilians until the moment of writing this statement

2/ Despite our repeated appeal to the international community to stop the practices of these ethnic militias, they have not shown any attention and so far they have not moved anything

3/ The Sudanese people at home and abroad should monitor the violations of the rapid support militias and the Arab militias supporting them and allied with them to take them to the International Criminal Court

4/ Humanitarian organizations, the Criminal Court and the Human Rights Council should intervene urgently to protect prisoners, evacuate the injured and provide treatment to them. This is their natural and humane role.

5/ We assure the Sudanese people that the crimes of the rapid support militias and the Arab militias supporting them and allied with them are documented with evidence and proof and their conviction is a matter of time and the Day of Judgment will come.”

According to the group and other sources, the action began on or around November 3rd and is still ongoing. Doctors Without Borders reported by 1100 EST, that 7,000 civilians had fled over the border into Chad since November 3rd:

”Following increased fighting in El Geneina in Sudan’s West Darfur, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) teams working across the border in eastern Chad have seen an immediate and major increase in the number of people arriving in the region. Refugees coming from Sudan are mainly women and children, and recount stories of large-scale violence against civilians.

“In the first three days of November, we have seen more new arrivals of Sudanese refugees than during the whole previous month; about 7,000 people crossed the border,” explains Stephanie Hoffmann, MSF outreach coordinator. “We have seen mothers and children who had to leave Sudan with nothing, as their homes were being destroyed.””

Local human rights monitors in the region have reported that up to 800 civilians have been executed in the Ardamata IDP camp in West Darfur.

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