Israel-Hamas Temporary Ceasefire Begins

Israel-Hamas Temporary Ceasefire Begins


 The Details

The long-awaited ceasefire is now in effect as of Midnight EST, 7AM Gaza/Israel time, on Friday November 24th. But what are the details..?

The Israel-Hamas ceasefire is to last 4 days, during which 50 hostages seized by Hamas during their October 7th attack will be released. The hostages being released by Hamas are all to be women and children. In turn, Israel is to release 150 Palestinian prisoners, all of which are to be either women or youths 18 and under.

Additionally, large amounts of aid is to flow into besieged Gaza. While Israel has not specified the amount, Hamas has said 200 relief aid trucks alongside 4 fuel trucks are to enter Gaza, each day of the ceasefire.

Israel has stated that they will not fly aircraft over southern Gaza at all during the 4 days, meanwhile in the north they will not fly aircraft for 6 hours of each day.

How is it Happening?

The first hostage release is to happen at 4PM local time. Hostages are to be handed over by Hamas to the Red Cross. Each day, both Israel and Hamas are to receive a list of the prisoners that the opposing side is releasing. Israel has said that prior to the first release of hostages by Hamas, Israel will release the first batch of Palestinian prisoners.

Hostages released by Hamas are to be released in groups, and not all at once.

Who is Being Released

It is not known the exact identities, particularly the nationalities, of who is being released. However, White House officials have said they expect 3 American nationals, 2 women and a toddler, to be released among the 50.

The Hours Leading Up

Since the ceasefire was announced a few days ago up until now, combat has been ongoing. At approximately 6:45 local time (15 minutes before the ceasefire) within Israel a rocket alert went off in Nir Oz after apparent rocket fire from Gaza. Prior to that, 9:30 the previous night (November 23rd) was the last rocket alert.

At 6:11 and 6:49 local time the IDF launched strikes within Gaza, after a day of launching extensive strikes in various areas throughout the strip. Since 6:49 (11 minutes before the ceasefire), it would appear Israeli strikes have fallen silent.

Sébastien Gray
Sébastien Gray
Sébastien Gray is a published journalist and historicist with over 5 years experience in writing. A part of the GoodHistory team.
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