Ceasefire Violations Reported in Northern Gaza

Ceasefire Violations Reported in Northern Gaza


The IDF and Hamas have accused each other of ceasefire violations, resulting in reported clashes that are putting hostage releases and humanitarian efforts at risk.

Hamas’ al-Qassam Brigades released a statement accusing Israel of “a clear violation by the enemy of the truce agreement,” but did not specify as to what. The statement then added that, “field friction occurred and our mujahideen dealt with this violation.”

“We are committed to the truce as long as the enemy has committed to it, and we call on the mediators to pressure the occupation to adhere to all the terms of the truce on the ground and in the air,” the statement concluded.

Meanwhile, the IDF reported that Hamas detonated three explosive devices against IDF troops on two different location in northern Gaza, saying that the attacks were “violating the framework of the operational pause.”

The IDF added that “In one of the locations, terrorists also opened fire at the troops, who responded with fire. A number of soldiers were lightly injured during the incidents.”

Israeli air activity has been reported over Gaza since the detonations.

The Filthy American
The Filthy American
Formerly a resident of Iraqi Kurdistan during the Iraq war, now in the American south. European Division Desk Chief for Atlas News.
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