American Airstrikes Reportedly Targeted Iran-backed Militia Forces in Iraq

American Airstrikes Reportedly Targeted Iran-backed Militia Forces in Iraq


Sabereen News, which is closely affiliated to Iran-backed Shia militias, has claimed that American airstrikes targeted members of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq near Kirkuk, resulting in casualties.

The Hezbollah-aligned news outlet Al Mayadeen has reported that five militia members had been killed in the strikes.

Since October 7, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq has claimed responsibility for over 75 drone and rocket attacks against American forces in Iraq and Syria. The group carried out a strike last night against the Erbil Airport, marking the first since November 23 when the ceasefire kicked off in Gaza between Israel and Hamas. Since the ceasefire has now lapsed, Iran-backed proxies appear to have started a ramp up of attacks again.

So far, there has been no confirmation of the strikes by the United States.

Currently, a USAF Bombardier E-11A Global Express Battlefield Airborne Communications Node is airborne over western Iraq near the border with Syria.

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