Nigerian Military “Accidental” Drone Strikes Kill 88 Civilians

Nigerian Military “Accidental” Drone Strikes Kill 88 Civilians


“A Tragic Accident”

At least 88 civilians were killed on December 3rd in Tudun Biri, a village within Kaduna state, in northern Nigeria, by two Nigerian military drone strikes. The drone was operating on routine counter-terrorism operations, when those in control of the drone “wrongly analyzed and misinterpreted their pattern of activities to be similar to that of the bandits, before the drone strike”.

The second strike reportedly took place after residents attempted to retrieve the bodies from the first strike.

In actuality, the residents of Tudun Biri were celebrating a Muslim festival called Mawlid, which celebrates the birth of Muhammad. A number of children were among those killed in the strikes.

The Nigerian military has expressed their “sincere regrets and unreserved apologies” for the strikes.

A photo of a motorcycle which was destroyed during the strike (Photo from Kehinde Gbenga/AP).

At least 68 people were injured in the strikes, who have been brought to nearby hospitals. Lt. General Taoreed Lagbaja, the Chief of Army Staff of Nigeria has stated that the Nigerian military will be covering all medical expenses of those wounded in the strikes.

“The Nigerian army is a responsible organ of government and organisation and is willing to support our law-abiding citizens, more so that the unfortunate incident that happened on Sunday (Dec. 03), occurred as a result of an error on the part of Nigerian army personnel. So we are ready to take responsibility for the medical abuse of those ones in the hospital and also provide support to the entire community so that they can live their lives more worthwhile”.

General Lagbaja yesterday, December 5th, visited the site of the strikes, and met with community leaders in order to examine the situation himself and extend apologies to the community affected.

Chief of Army Staff General Taoreed Lagbaja at the site of the strikes, on December 5th (Photo from Kehinde Gbenga/AP).

The area has reportedly had militant groups operate frequently in recent times.

Sharp Criticisms and Investigations

The Nigerian military has draw criticism from a multitude of different groups for the strike. Within Nigeria a number of citizens have expressed anger towards the Nigerian military over the strike. Meanwhile the UN called for an investigation into the strike, for those responsible to be held accountable, as well as for the Nigerian military to re-examine rules of engagement.

“We are particularly alarmed by reports that the strike was based on the “pattern of activities” of those at the scene which was wrongly analyzed and misinterpreted. There are serious concerns as to whether so-called “pattern of life” strikes sufficiently comply with international law”. -Excerpt from the UN Statement

The UN’s full statement may be read here.

Nigerian President Bola Tinubu on Tuesday, December 5th, called for an investigation into the strikes. It is unclear if the investigation ordered will prosecute those responsible.

Notably, this is not the first instance of the Nigerian military killing civilians in accidental strikes. As per SB Morgen, a Nigerian geopolitical intelligence platform, at least 300 civilians have been killed in accidental strikes since 2017.

Sébastien Gray
Sébastien Gray
Sébastien Gray is a published journalist and historicist with over 5 years experience in writing. His primary focus is on East and West African affairs.
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