Sudanese Armed Forces Fires on ICRC Convoy, Possible Deaths Blamed on ICRC

Update (1233 EST): The Rapid Support Forces have released a statement condemning the Sudanese Armed Forces attack on the ICRC convoy and have claimed that at least two foreign national women were seriously injured. The RSF reconginzed that three of their personnel were escorting the convoy.

At approximately 1020 EST, the Sudanese Armed Forces announced that an International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) convoy was fired upon while evacuating civilians from a church in Khartoum. The announcement claimed that the convoy did not adhere to previously established corridors and was travelling with a rebel technical vehicle. The SAF claims there are multiple casualties. The full statement reads below:

“Following an initiative by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the armed forces agreed with representatives of the international organization to evacuate civilians (including foreign nationals) who were trapped in St. Mary’s church in Al-Shajara in Khartoum.

The procedures included coordinating with the organization to determine the route (Remaila cemetry-Rowad complex-Best Care Hospital) with the entrance to be from the north and the hand over to be done at Best Care Hospital.

The representatives of the organization did not abide by the agreed upon points whereby they:

1: Entered the area from the south instead of the north as per the agreement, thus completely violating the agreed upon route.

2: The convoy of the representatives of the organization came with armed car belonging to the rebels with a 7’12mm machine gun and its crew on board and approached our defensive positions, which resulted in the convoy coming under fire and a number of injuries among the representatives of the organization.

The armed forces regrets this incident that has occurred as a result of the representatives of the organization not abiding by the coordination points that were agreed upon at a time when we confirm our full cooperation with all international humanitarian organizations. We stress the necessity of abiding by previously agreed upon arrangements to avoid what can put civilian lives at risk.”

The message was also posted to the official X page of the Sudanese Armed Forces.

As of this publication, no statement has been made by the ICRC.

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