Russian Forces Raise Flag Over Marinka, Donetsk, After Nearly 10 Years of Fighting

Russian Forces Raise Flag Over Marinka, Donetsk, After Nearly 10 Years of Fighting


Footage released by pro-Russian sources have shown that Russian ground forces have capture the town of Marinka, Donetsk, which has seen fighting for nearly 10 years.

Recent footage published online showing a Russian flag and Soviet Victory Banner has been geolocated to the western outskirts of the town, showing that Russian forces now exert full control.

Marinka was initially captured by Ukrainian separatist forces in 2014 following the events of Euromaidan and break out of the Ukrainian Civil War. Over the few years, control of the town traded hands several times as Ukrainian and Russian-backed separatists clashed. By the start of the Russian Invasion in 2022, the town was abandoned and was left completely destroyed in fighting since.

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