Israel Airstrikes Target Damascus Airport, One Day After Reopening

Update (1744 EST): Israeli airstrikes are ongoing, more explosions were registered at Damascus International Airport 1723 EST.

At approximately 1513 EST, initial reports indicated several explosions in Damascus, Syria. By 1530 Syrian state owned media reported that Israeli airstrikes had targeted a Syrian army radar site Tal al-Sahn in Al-suwayda.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights announced that Israeli airstrikes had targeted both Syrian military air defense systems at that site and Damascus airport.

It is important to note that the Damascus International Airport only opened yesterday, and the first departing flight after nearly 65 days of repairs from previous Israeli strikes, was an Al-Sham Wings Company plane that flew to Moscow.

There has been no word from the Syrian Ministry of Transport if the airport is closed again.

This is developing.

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