Eight Syrian Soldiers Killed, 13 Injured in IED Attack, Palmyra, Syria

The Syrian Defense Ministry has reported that eight soldiers have been killed and another thirteen civilians have been injured in an improvised explosive device (IED) attack on a troop transport bus in southern Palmyra, Syria. The announcement reads below:

”Eight soldiers and civilians were martyred and thirteen others, including two civilians, were injured as a result of a terrorist attack with an explosive package on a military base bus in the Syrian Badia south of Damr this afternoon.”

This attack was carried out around 0600 EST. Head of Palmyra Hospital in Homs Governate first reported the incident when the injured came to the facility. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights announced by 0700 that fourteen were killed and 19 were injured. Their announcement reads below:

”14 members of the regime forces were killed, and more than 19 members were injured of varying degrees, in a bloody attack carried out by members of the “Islamic State” organization on an overnight bus carrying the members in the area of ??the third station in the Palmyra desert in the eastern countryside of Homs, where the wounded were transferred to the hospital. Palmyra to receive treatment, amid great alert by regime forces.”

However, at 1100 EST, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, claiming the group killed five. Their announcement reads below:

”Homs – by the grace of God Almighty, and within the battle of “And kill them wherever you find them,” the soldiers of the Caliphate ambushed a vehicle of the apostate Nusayri army, west of the city of Sukhna, and targeted it with machine guns, which led to the death of 5 members, and the Mujahideen burned the vehicle, and they returned to their positions safely. Thanks to God”

The number of killed and wounded is obviously in flux, but this seems to be the deadliest single incident for Syrian troops in the last calendar year.

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