Tanker Carrying Iraqi Oil Boarded by Armed Iranians, Gulf of Oman

Update (0854 EST): The Iranian Navy has told Mehr News that their forces seized the vessel under court order “in retaliation” for the 2023 seizure of the same vessel, then named Suez Rijan. During that seizure, the U.S. Justice Department seized the Iranian oil onboard.

Update (0752 EST): The Iranian Navy has told Tasnim News that they have seized a U.S. oil tanker.

At approximately 0140 EST, the United Kingdom Maritime Transport Operations authority reported that a vessel had been boarded by five to six armed men in black military fatigues and masks in the Gulf of Oman, approximately 50NM east of Sohar, Oman.

By 0415 EST, Empire Navigation, the vessel owner, reported that the St. Nikolas had been boarded en route to Alisha, Turkey via the Suez Canal.

As of 0430 the ship was heading to Bandar-e-Jask, Iran, according to UK maritime security company, Ambrey. The ship was loaded with Iraqi oil in Barah on January 9th. The ship has a crew of 18 Filipino nationals and 1 Greek national.

There has been no comment from the Iranian government as of this publication. This is developing.


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