US CENTCOM Announces Additional Strikes Against Houthis in Yemen

What to Know:

In a brief statement, the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) announced that strikes were carried out against “two Houthi anti-ship missiles that were aimed into the Southern Red Sea and were prepared to launch.”

Timeline of Operation Poseidon Archer, the United States-led operation against the Houthis in Yemen:

  • January 11: American F/A-18 fighters, Arleigh Burke class guided-missile destroyers, and an Ohio-class cruise missile submarine, backed by UK Typhoon fighters, carried out some 100 strikes on 60 Houthi targets across western Yemen, including “command and control nodes, munitions depots, launching systems, production facilities, and air defense radar systems.”

  • January 13: American missile strikes targeted a Houthi radar site in the capital of Sana’a.
  • January 16: American strikes target four Houthi anti-ship ballistic missiles “prepared to launch” near al-Hudaydah.
  • January 17: American missile strikes targeted 14 Houthi anti-ship missile sites across western Yemen that CENTCOM said “presented an imminent threat” to commercial and naval vessels in the region.
  • January 18: American missile strikes targeted an additional two Houthi anti-ship missile sites near al-Hudaydah, which CENTCOM also said “presented an imminent threat.”
  • January 19: American missile strikes targeted three Houthi anti-ship missiles near al-Hudaydah that were “prepared to launch” and posed an “imminent threat.”
  • January 20: American airstrikes target a Houthi anti-ship missile near al-Hudaydah that was “prepared to launch” and “presented a threat to merchant vessels and U.S. Navy ships in the region.“
  • January 22: American F/A-18 and British Typhoon fighters carry out strikes on eight Houthi targets, including “missile systems and launchers, air defense systems, radars, and deeply buried weapons storage facilities.”

  • January 24: American strikes target two Houthi anti-ship missiles, likely near al-Hudaydah.
Total targets destroyed: 95

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