Turkish Election: Polls Closed, Results Flowing in, Updated Results

Turkish Election: Polls Closed, Results Flowing in, Updated Results


Polling stations in Turkey have closed and results are steadily being reported in the election that could drastically change Turkey. The Turkish election elects both a President, as well as Members of Parliament on two separate ballots. The President must win 50% of the vote, or else a run-off election will be held on May 28th between the top two candidates.  Notably, Erdogan has slowly been dropping in points as more votes are counted, a trend that is expected to continue. Two smaller candidates are also in the race, Ogan and Ince (though Ince withdrew from the election on May 11th, it was too late to remove his name from the ballot). Once counting is complete, results will be announced by the Supreme Election Council (YSK).

UPDATE: The CHP, the main opposition party, is disputing results. Kilicdaroglu has tweeted “we are winning” as the CHP accuses Anadolu, the primary Turkish media reporting results, of manipulating incoming data. The CHP is pushing forward their own numbers, though Anadolu’s numbers will be the one the government will follow. Turkish Media Group Anka is also publishing different results.

UPDATE: Erdogan, according to Anadolu, has fallen beneath the 50% threshold needed for victory. Signs are pointing towards a secondary election on May 28th.

UPDATE: Sinan Ogan, a presidential candidate that is 3rd place in the election, has stated that some “manipulations” are happening regarding Turkish overseas ballot counting.

“We have heard that some manipulations were carried out in the overseas vote counting processes. Vote counting is not done in a healthy environment. I warn the YSK. Take the necessary measures immediately and ensure that the vote counting processes are carried out quickly. In addition, we will not allow a fait accompli with a manipulation of foreign votes. Do not stress the environment. This is up to the second round.”

The race has been close, and steadily getting closer. Both results below will be regularly updated:

Note that if no candidate receives above 50% of the vote, a secondary election will be held between the top two candidates on May 28th.

These are preliminary results, and the final results will be announced by the Supreme Election Council once vote counts are fully input.

At 9:17AM EST, May 15th, 99.87% of the votes are counted according to Anadolu (This is the one to be followed by the Turkish government)

Anadolu Reported Results:

Presidential Vote:

Erdogan 49.5%

Kilicdaroglu: 44.89%

Ogan: 5.17%

Ince: 0.44%


Parliamentary Vote:

AKP (Erdogan’s Party): 35.58%

CHP (Kilicdaroglu’s Party): 25.33%

MHP (A party in Erdogan’s Alliance): 10.07%

IYI (A party in Kilicdaroglu’s Alliance): 9.69%

YSP: 8.81%

TIP: 1.73%

Anka claimed results (note, this will not be the one followed by the Turkish government):

99.83% of votes counted

Erdogan: 49.25%

Kilicdaroglu: 45.05%

Ogan: 5.28%

Ince: 0.42%

Sébastien Gray
Sébastien Gray
Sébastien Gray is a published journalist and historicist with over 5 years experience in writing. His primary focus is on East and West African affairs.
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