Ecuadorian Military to Uphold President Lasso’s Decision to Dissolve National Assembly

Ecuadorian Military to Uphold President Lasso’s Decision to Dissolve National Assembly


Ecuadorian military leadership have announced that they will uphold President Guillermo Lasso’s decision to dissolve the country’s National Assembly, which comes as the president faced an impending impeachment trial over accusations of corruption and embezzlement.

In a statement, the military said that Lasso’s decision was well within the framework of Ecuador’s constitution and should be respected. They added that “the country won’t accept any attempt to alter the constitutional order through violence,” which sends a signal against opposition groups that have pledged protests in response, according to CFR fellow Will Freeman.

As stated previously, the move to dissolve the National Assembly is a measure within Ecuador’s constitution known as muerte cruzada, or cross-death, where the president can dissolve the National Assembly if they feel that the legislative body is hindering the ability to govern.

Snap elections for the presidency and National Assembly are required to be held within the next six months, however, during this time Lasso can rule by decree.

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