Finnish Government Adopts Security Report On NATO Application

Finnish Government Adopts Security Report On NATO Application


The Finnish government has just announced they have officially adopted the security report on NATO membership application as official government doctrine. The two-page document was accompanied by this statement:

”On Sunday 15 May, the Government adopted the Report on Finland’s Accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). By joining NATO, Finland would strengthen its own security in the changing operating environment.

In the Report, the Government proposes that the President of the Republic of Finland decide, that Finland will apply for membership in NATO after consulting with Parliament.”

The document outlines that Finland’s security situation has changed drastically since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and that Finland must now look to NATO for security guarantees. The document also outlines that 1.0-1.5% of Finland’s defense budget will be allotted to NATO, less than the 2% mark, but since Finland has such a large border with Russia, they will contribute less. That additional money will be used to strengthen Finland’s military and border posts. The document also describes the domestic legality of joining an international alliance, saying how the Finnish constitution allows for such agreements.

The adoption of the security report represents the final step for the Finnish government to release its NATO application to Brussels.

The full document is attached below:


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