Drone Footage Captures Russia’s Sole Carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, in Kola Bay

Amateur drone footage over the shipyards in Kola Bay, near Murmansk, captured Russias’s sole carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov, which is still in for repairs and refit. From the video you can see most of the flight deck stripped and several pieces of heavy construction working on the superstructure. None of the aircraft launch points or the deflector gates seem to be operational.



As of July 2021, Admiral Kuznetsov is out of service for a refit in Murmansk. In November 2018, it was damaged by a falling 70-ton crane from the floating dry dock PD-50 and a fire that killed two during the refit. The dry dock, which sank due to a power outage while holding Admiral Kuznetsov, was vital to repairing the carrier, which is not expected to re-enter service until 2022 at the earliest. In 2021, the Vice President of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), Vladimir Korolev, told the TASS news agency that the vessel was expected to begin post-repair sea trials in mid-2023 and rejoin the fleet later that year, although this may have been pushed back a year or more due to delays.  In May 2022 it was reported that repairs to the vessel were scheduled for completion in Murmansk in September 2022. (Wiki)

Overhead graphic depicting the Admiral Kuznetsov’s launch points.
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