Footage of Ukrainian HIMARS Strike Aftermath

Russian soldiers on Telegram published this footage depicting the aftermath of what they’re describing as an American made M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) strike on a hospital which has been repurposed for a Russian army headquarters in Izyum, Ukraine. The soldier told his followers two were killed and two injured:



The Russian soldier who posted this footage had this to say on his telegram page: “Ukraine announces the first use of the Himars MLRS in the Donbass. Apparently, your humble servant and comrades were the very guys who were the first to experience the impact of the American complex.

I thought for a long time and doubted that battery 155 had worked for us. A too strange funnel (looks like a hole from a pile), there is no characteristic howl of arrival, now they found fragments, they do not look like fragments of cannon artillery shells, plus instantly starting fires, which also serves as one of the signs of a rocket projectile.

What can I say. Despite the extremely unpleasant impressions at the moment when you are at the epicenter, it is quite possible to survive there. And not only to survive, but also to maintain health.

After an extremely accurate salvo, we have several wounded and two dead.”

The four HIMARS systems sent to Ukraine most likely were sent with the M30A1 variant rockets with Alternative Warhead (AW) that replaces the M30’s submunitions with approximately 182,000 pre-formed tungsten fragments for area effects without unexploded ordnance. The video and description of the impact by the Russian indicates this was the round used. If it were a standard 155mm shell from an American made M777, firing the M795 projectile which has a bursting round with fragmentation and blast effects, the post blast effects would look vastly different.

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