Scottish Referendum on Independence Scheduled

Scottish Referendum on Independence Scheduled


In a much anticipated speech concerning reports that Scotland will pursue its independence again, Scottish First Minister Sturgeon has officially proposed another referendum on Scottish Independence on October 19th, 2023. She also added the referendum will be consultative but legal, with the same status as the 2014 referendum.

In her speech he also called for the Supreme Court to answer a special appeal to consider the bill and its legality.

She said: “We lacked the full range of levers to shape our economy and grow our country’s wealth. We are powerless to stop our budget being cut. We can’t block the Tories new anti trade union laws or stop them tearing up human rights protections. We’re not able to restore freedom of movement and where we invest billions in measures to help with the cost of living, tens of thousands of children can be pushed deeper into poverty at the merest stroke of the chancellor’s pen.”

She says independence will give Scotland the chance “to chart our own course”.

Although the Scottish Referendum on Independence  in 2014 found that Scottish people voted 55% with more than 2 million votes, to not pursue independence, last year the Scottish National Party won the majority and vowed to submit for another referendum. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has refused to consider issuing a “Section 30” order to allow the new referendum. Frustration over trade, COVID-19, and political efficacy, the SNP believes the referendum would result in a majority “yes” for pursuing independence.

Results of the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum.




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