Ukrainian Armed Forces Launch Kharkiv Offensive, Make Significant Initial Gains

At approximately 1558 EST on 06SEP22, open source reporting indicated that Ukrainian Armed Forces were preparing for an offensive into Eastern Kharkiv Oblast. Ukrainian authorities in surrounding villages began issuing warnings to civilians to stockpile goods in anticipation of liberation.


By 0257 EST on 07SEP22, dozens of Ukrainian and Russian sources were reporting encirclement of 2,000 Russian National Guardsmen in the city of Balakliya, Kharkiv Oblast. Russian Colonel Alyokhin told his Telegram followers that the loss of the city “would not be a tragedy.” Even as Ukrainian Special Forces and infantry were posting videos of abandoned Russian positions and even the capture of a Lieutenant Colonel.




































Russian Telegram users posted that the military had not had contact with two National guards detachments at both Volokhiv Yar and Balakliya. Wagner-affiliated accounts also commented that both detachments were surrounded and only being reinforced by tactical aircraft of the Aerospace Forces which were facing Ukrainian MANPADS and other tactical SAM units moved with the forward line of troops. Below is a video reportedly showing the shootdown of a Russian Su-25 near Volokhiv Yar this morning.

However, the most interesting developments did not come until about 0530 EST when Ukrainian and Russian sources began reporting the widespread surrender of Russian National Guard Units in Balakliya. Russian Telegram users reported that members of the Omega and Ural divisions were fighting in the city. Ukrainian telegram users then published videos of the capture of the reported commanding officer of the national guard unit who is a Lieutenant Colonel. While unconfirmed, this may signal the claims of the mass surrender of almost 2,000 national guardsmen may be true.


Russian Ministry of Defense- affiliated Telegram users stated that reserve forces were being mobilized to counterattack the Ukrainian forces and that the offensive was currently “stabilized”. Even as more video emerged of Ukrainian troops progressing beyond Balakliya.

Taras Berezovets on Twitter: “Russian paratroopers unit red flag being lowered in Nova Husarivka, Kharkiv region by 1st Special Forced Brigade named after Ivan Bohun.” / Twitter










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